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Priest on official PA TV: It is impossible to live with Israel

Official PA TV interviewed Manuel ‎Musallam, a Catholic priest and head of ‎the Birzeit office of the Islamic Christian ‎Commission to Defend Jerusalem and the ‎Holy Places ‎
Manuel Musallam: “I always told [my ‎students] that schools and churches could ‎not be bombed. One day, our school was ‎bombed… A kid came up to me and asked ‎me: ‘Why are you a liar?’… ‎
I am a liar, a hundred times over, I am a ‎liar, because Israel really does bomb the ‎children, the churches, the mosques, and ‎the schools. We are liars if we teach our ‎children that someday it will be possible to ‎live together with Israel. It won’t be ‎possible: It’s either us or them. Us and ‎them is impossible.”‎