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PA daily: Jewish Agency collaborated with Gestapo to massacre Jews of Germany and "force them to emigrate to Palestine," Israelis are "adorers of Nazism," US tests its weapons on Gazans' "living flesh"

Op-ed by Yahya Rabah, columnist for the ‎official PA daily and a member of the ‎Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza

     ‎“What did Gaza do to Israel to deserve all ‎this death, rampaging everywhere? [What ‎did it ‎do to deserve] the [war] planes – ‎including the new ones coming straight ‎from the ‎American armaments ‎warehouses – and all the shells and ‎bombs – including the ‎newest ones, that ‎sever arms and shins and children’s ‎heads from their bodies – ‎‎[weapons] the ‎results of whose use the Americans are ‎waiting [to see] on our living ‎flesh, before ‎they use them in their own army?...‎

Is Israel really what it claims to be – a ‎democratic state, a state of law, ‎coexistence, and acceptance – or is it ‎itself a product of the first massacre at Deir ‎Yassin? Israel of the Etzel (Irgun), the ‎Lehi, the Haganah (Jewish pre-state ‎militia) and the collaborators from the ‎Jewish Agency, who worshipped the ‎gods of their enemies, and formed an ‎alliance with the Nazi Gestapo to ‎organize massacres against the Jews of ‎Germany, to force them to emigrate to ‎Palestine.‎ ‎ Those who cooperated with ‎British intelligence to organize massacres ‎of Jews in Egypt, Iraq and Yemen, in order ‎to force them to emigrate to Palestine, with ‎the aim of creating from them – from the ‎Falash Mura tribes and Russian ‎immigrants – a people and a state who ‎worship nothing but the gods of ‎aggression, and obsolete myths and ‎folktales… The Palestinian Gaza ‎nightmare haunts Israel – a nightmare in ‎the form of a question: What if Gaza’s ‎‎‘genes’ spread to the region and reach the ‎Arabs, turning them into real Arabs, not ‎obsolete Arabs, and real Muslims, not just ‎an alleged nation? What if Gaza’s ‘genes’ ‎spread throughout the land, their range ‎expands, and are realized in decisions, ‎actions and cumulative influences on the ‎ground? ...‎

O Gaza… you are rising up and ‎confronting [the enemy], and sowing ‎death among the occupying Israeli enemy, ‎for it fears that the slim chance of your ‎genes spreading to the surrounding [Arab] ‎nation will be realized. For then, you will ‎change the face of the land. Allah will ‎restore our rights and these Israelis will ‎beat themselves for not having been ‎sincere in their promises, alliances and ‎negotiations, instead becoming slaves of ‎illusions and the model of Nazism, ‎which makes them cry at night when ‎they are stricken with nightmares. Yet in ‎the morning, they become adorers of ‎Nazism, and implement that barbaric ‎model on the flesh of our children.”‎

Note:‎ The Falash Mura are descendants of ‎Ethiopian Jews who converted to ‎Christianity. In 2003, the Israeli ‎government passed resolution 2948, ‎granting Ethiopian descendants of Jewish ‎mothers right to emigrate to Israel. Since ‎then Israel has helped bring most of the ‎Falash Mura to Israel.‎