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Hamas claims to have executed over 30 collaborators with Israel

‎“Palestinian security sources disclosed ‎that over the past few days, Resistance ‎‎[Hamas] members have succeeded in ‎executing more than 30 collaborators who ‎had connections with the Israeli ‎occupation‏ ‏in various locations in the ‎Gaza Strip, particularly in the area of ‎Shuja’iya in eastern Gaza. ‎
The security sources, who declined to ‎reveal their identity to the Palestine Press ‎news agency, said that Resistance ‎members had succeeded in capturing ‎dozens of collaborators in the Shuja’iya ‎area, and that they had been executed ‎after some were interrogated. In addition, ‎they emphasized that the Resistance ‎members had found weapons, means of ‎communication and [Israeli] Orange SIM ‎cards in the possession of some of the ‎collaborators."