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Hamas TV fabrication: Israel is suffering massive civilian casualties during the Gaza War

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israel, but has only killed three Israeli civilians. No rocket has ever hit Ben Gurion Airport.
Caller from Hebron: “We pray to Allah that we will defeat the nation of pigs (i.e., the Jews). We know people who work in Israel. You don’t see [in the media] the dead, the corpses, the destruction in Israel because they hide everything via an unprecedented media blackout. The [Hamas] rockets kill every day. Every rocket that hits Israel kills. Every rocket that hits Israel kills. My friends call me every day. They show me pictures [of destruction in Israel] and say: We can’t post it on Facebook because that would hurt us. I know of two who took pictures, sent to me, and then were arrested. Rocket that caused destruction at Ben Gurion [Airport]. Rocket that exploded at Ben Gurion. Rocket that caused deaths and shot down planes at Ben Gurion. But Israel hasn’t broadcast these things on the Israeli channels. I saw these things with my own eyes when I was working in Be’er Ya’akov. I saw a rocket hit Ben Gurion Airport, causing destruction and death. 50,000 ambulances went in! 50,000 ambulances went in! But, they’re pigs. They want to frustrate us. They don’t let us see anything.”
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