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Townhall quotes PMW director Itamar Marcus about Islamic TV: "The brainwashing continues daily"

Land for "Peace?"

by Terry Paulson

As long as Palestinian schools leave Israel off their maps, their TV ads promote and justify suicide attacks, and their charter supports the total destruction of Israel, there'll be no peace. Hamas does not want a two-state solution. They want a one-state solution. They want Israel gone.

Justus Weiner, a Jewish human rights lawyer, said: "They talk of 'Cycle of Violence' with no distinction between the fireman and the arsonists. They are both there at the fire but one caused it. They claim to be the 'Victim' while being a true 'Victimizer.' ... Sometimes force is the only answer. This is not just our problem. It's fast becoming the world's problem-The bombings in Bali, the riots in France, and the Twin Towers in New York."

How many terrorist attacks could now be added to his decade-old warning? How many more missiles have been sent into Israel from the land they gave up for "peace?" Itamar Marcus from
Palestinian Media Watch observed, "Watching Islamic controlled TV is an eye-opening experience. Ads state that all sins are forgiven in suicide, and you will marry 72 dark-eyed virgins. Death by suicide is a joyous wedding to 72 virgins, not a funeral. Another public service ad suggests that when a mother loses one son, they should give the cry of joy and give a gun to their next son so he too can bring the mother joy.... The brainwashing continues daily."

Would you give up land so that those who wanted to destroy you are closer to your businesses and homes?

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