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The Blaze: Sermon translated by PMW shows Hamas not interested in peace

Sermon Aired on Hamas TV Network Shows Why Israel and the Terrorist Group May Never Truly Be at Peace

by Jason Howerton

In an incendiary sermon aired on Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas’ broadcasting network, a cleric reportedly promises the complete extermination of the Jews.

“Our belief about fighting you [Jews] is that we will exterminate you, until the last one, and we will not leave of you, even one,” the cleric says, according to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch. “For you are the usurpers of the land, foreigners, mercenaries of the present and of all times. Look at history, brothers: Wherever there were Jews, they spread corruption.”

“They spread corruption in the land, and Allah does not like corrupters,” he continues. “Their belief is destructive. Their belief fulfills the prophecy. Our belief is in obtaining our rights on our land, implementing Shari’ah (Islamic law) under Allah’s sky.”

Israel and Hamas agreed to an unconditional 72-hour cease-fire on Thursday after weeks of fighting. Many have argued that Hamas does not desire peace and the terrorist group has ignored cease-fire deals in the past.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Thursday to destroy Hamas’ tunnel network designed for deadly attacks inside Israel “with or without a cease-fire,” as the Palestinian death toll soared past 1,400 – surpassing the number killed in Israel’s last major invasion of Gaza five years ago.

Netanyahu’s warning came as international efforts to end the 24-day-old war seemed to sputter despite concern over the mounting deaths. The Israeli military said it was calling up an additional 16,000 reserve soldiers to pursue its campaign against the Islamic militants.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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