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Hamas TV: Perhaps destruction in Gaza is "for the best"

 Hamas TV:

"Perhaps all this [destruction in Gaza] 

is for the best...

we'll build them better and more beautiful,

and that will be a testimony

to the victory of the Palestinian people."


by Itamar Marcus


Hamas is attempting to convince Palestinians that its military actions during the Gaza conflict were victoriousand that the war it caused, with all its destruction, was beneficial to the Palestinians. As Palestinian Media Watchpreviously reported, Hamas justified the civilian deaths it caused in Gaza, claiming that it was beneficial to those killed to have died for Allah as Shahids - Martyrs. Now, Hamas is justifying the widespread destruction it caused to infrastructure and homes, saying, "Perhaps all this [destruction] is for the best":

Al-Aqsa TV host: "[Israel] has bombed everything: homes, factories, institutions, organizations and mosques, because it wants to keep us busy with reconstruction. Maybe it's for the best, so we'll build them again
better and nicer, as evidence of the Palestinian people's victory. We'll build them bigger, with monuments for the extent of the crime and of [our] achievement in Shuja'iya, Beit Hanoun and other places." 

[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), July 29, 2014]