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Hamas Facebook warns against sharing information or photos of "Martyrs of the resistance"

Facebook page of Hamas’ Ministry of ‎Interior
Text: “The [Hamas] Ministry of Interior and ‎National Security calls on our people and ‎the resistance factions to take heed when ‎publishing information or photos ‎regarding the Martyrs (Shahids) of the ‎resistance, the details of their Martyrdom ‎and the places they were hit, as the ‎occupation is collecting this information ‎and these reports and is using them as ‎proof to justify its crimes against civilians ‎and the destruction of homes, in addition ‎to the security benefit [it has gained] from ‎doing so. We specifically address ‎ the ‎activists in the social media networks and ‎media outlets of the resistance factions. In ‎the past hours we have detected ‎numerous publications disclosing ‎sensitive information harmful to our ‎people and its resistance. ‎
Mentioning our Martyrs’ and resistance ‎members’ acts of bravery must not become ‎a source of even greater harm, for our ‎people’s campaign against the occupation ‎still continues.”‎