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Palestinian military expert: Israel is "undoubtedly keeping its losses secret‎" in Gaza war

     ‎“It was nearly 8 a.m. and Jamal Atoun‎, ‎‎40, was about to take the first bite of his ‎breakfast. Before the morsel [could] reach ‎his mouth, he felt as if the house had ‎been struck by an earthquake, and ‎rushed, without thinking, to check on his ‎children. Standing on the top floor of his ‎house in Beit Sahour, which was partially ‎destroyed by a rocket [launched from the ‎Gaza Strip], Atoun recalled the initial ‎moments of the event which turned his ‎home into a destination for hundreds of ‎citizens from the Bethlehem district and ‎other districts, who came to see what had ‎happened five minutes before the ‎ceasefire went into effect. Atoun, who still ‎seemed to be in a state of shock, said: ‘I ‎didn’t hear anything; all I felt was what the ‎rocket had caused’ – thereby referring to ‎the destruction the explosion had caused ‎to the mosque and neighboring ‎houses...The settlement of Har Homa, ‎erected on the Abu Ghneim hill, is clearly ‎visible from the top [floor] of Atoun’s ‎house, and one can assume that the ‎rocket was meant for that settlement… ‎
‎[Military expert Yusuf] Al-Sharqawi, who ‎accompanied our correspondent, ‎conducted an initial inspection of the site ‎of the explosion in Atoun’s home, and of ‎the direction in which the supposed ‎ ‎rocket fell. He said, ‘Apparently, what ‎happened is that the Israeli Iron Dome ‎‎[missile defense system] intercepted a ‎‎[Palestinian] resistance‎ rocket fired ‎toward the Har Homa settlement, and this ‎is what caused the explosion in the ‎home.’... ‎
According to Al-Sharqawi, the destruction ‎caused by the explosion, which resulted ‎from the interception of a resistance rocket ‎by the Iron Dome [system], was slight ‎compared to [the damage] that would have ‎been caused by the fall of an un-‎intercepted rocket. He said: ‘Usually, a ‎rocket of this kind causes great damage, ‎which is indeed what the resistance’s ‎rockets have caused in the places they ‎have fallen. The occupation is ‎undoubtedly keeping its losses secret.’ He ‎added: ‘There is no doubt that the damage ‎caused by these rockets was one of the ‎reasons the occupation state sought a ‎way out of its aggression against Gaza.’”‎