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Abbas demands release of terrorist murderers as part of cease fire agreement

The following statement was made while during the 2014 Gaza war Hamas was firing thousands of rockets at Israel and as Israel was responding with Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel.
     “[PA] Deputy Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Ziad Abu Ein emphasized that… the leadership has requested the immediate release of all people arrested in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem during the recent events, whose numbers exceed 1,500, as these arrests were carried out in an extortive and terroristic manner by the occupation authorities.
He added that the leadership has emphasized the President’s [Mahmoud Abbas’] request that the [demand to release the] fourth phase of [prisoners] arrested before the Oslo [Accords], as well as all [imprisoned] Palestinian Parliament (Legislative Council) members, including MPs Marwan Barghouti and Ahmad Sa’adat, be included in the truce agreement he is working on in Cairo.”

Note: In August 2013, Israel agreed to release 104 Palestinian terrorists from prison, which was the PA's precondition for renewing peace talks. The terrorists were released in stages. The first group of 26 was released on Aug. 13, 2013. The second group of 26 was released on Oct. 30, 2013. The third group of 26 was released on Dec. 30, 2013. The fourth group was scheduled to be released on March 29, 2014, but Israel delayed their release while negotiating the terms for continuation of the peace talks. When the PA submitted requests for admission as a state to several international bodies, Israel cancelled the release.
Marwan Barghouti - serving five life sentences for orchestrating terror attacks against Israeli civilians. When arrested in 2002, he headed the Tanzim (Fatah terror faction). After he was convicted and imprisoned, he was re-elected member of the Palestinian Authority parliament.
Ahmad Sa’adat - serving a 30-year sentence for heading the PFLP terror organization. A song at a PFLP event also praised him for planning the assassination of Israeli Minister of Tourism Rehavam Ze'evi in 2001, but he has not been tried for this crime.