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Hamas executes several “collaborators” who gave Israel information about Hamas whereabouts

“A senior source in the Resistance (i.e., Hamas) [Security] Forces said the Resistance Security Forces… had executed several collaborators who had assisted the occupation in finding new targets in the Gaza Strip. The source confirmed that the collaborators with the occupation were executed after having been caught providing information about the Resistance and the homes of civilians around the Gaza Strip. The source noted, in a short statement made to the security-related Al-Majd website, that a number of collaborators were executed in the conflict zones as they were attempting to hinder the members of the Resistance and the heroes of the special ambushes set for the occupation.”

Note: This article was published during the ‎‎2014 Gaza war as Hamas was firing ‎thousands of rockets at Israel and as Israel ‎was responding with Operation Protective ‎Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' ‎terror infrastructure and ability to launch ‎rockets at Israel.‎

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