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PA TV: Israel is a “hyena… something scary that comes from outside and attacks the sanctity of the land"

Official PA TV broadcast Israeli Arab actor ‎Mohammad Bakri’s program Face to Face, ‎which hosted the head of the Palestinian ‎Prisoners Association in the 1948 ‎Territories (i.e., Israel) Munir Mansour:‎
Host, Israeli Arab actor Mohammad ‎Bakri: “Abu Ali [Munir Mansour], how are ‎you? Twenty-one years in jail – you’re the ‎one who killed the hyena. Let’s start from ‎there – what is a hyena? ... [Mansour ‎explains what a hyena is] I look at the ‎hyena symbolically, as something scary ‎that comes from outside and attacks the ‎sanctity of the land, and when you were a ‎boy you trapped and killed it – this is ‎symbolic; I see it as symbolic… We want to ‎kill the hyena again.”‎
Head of the Palestinian Prisoners ‎Association in the 1948 Territories (i.e., ‎Israel) Munir Mansour: “Allah willing.”‎