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Abbas’ advisor: Boycott Israel - money spent on Israeli products helps Israel murder Palestinians

“Mahmoud Al-Habbash, the Supreme Shari’ah Judge [and Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor on religious and Islamic affairs], called on our people, wherever they may be, to boycott Israeli products of all kinds, and to support the Palestinian food industries in all [possible] ways and with all available means. In addition, in a statement to the press made today, Sunday, he demanded the boycotting of all Palestinian stores that refuse to comply with the call for the boycott. He noted that boycotting [Israeli products] was a religious, national and moral duty, and that it was one of the legitimate means of resistance, guaranteed by all [international] laws and conventions, to achieve our people’s goals and force the Israel occupation to end its brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip and to accede immediately to the demands of our people… He demanded that the preachers in the mosques and on the local media outlets act to explain the importance of the boycott, and to advertise local products. He also noted that the Palestinians must understand that the money they spend on Israeli products becomes the weapon with which their brothers are murdered.”