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Reality according to Hamas: Hamas fighters are civilians, but all Israelis are soldiers

Itamar Marcus  |
          Reality according to Hamas:
Hamas fighters are civilians,
but all Israelis are soldiers
Hamas TV:
"The Jihad fighters 
are actually Palestinian civilians...
[Hamas has] no real military targets"

Hamas TV, broadcasts religious leader in Lebanon:
"They [Israelis] are all soldiers. 
They are all invaders...
Have no mercy on any of them." 
By Itamar Marcus

According to Hamas TV broadcasts, all Israelis "are soldiers" and therefore legitimate targets to be massacred. On the other hand, all Palestinians are civilians: even the "Jihad fighters" are "actually civilians... [Hamas has] no real military targets."

In accordance with this belief Hamas actively targets Israeli civilians and celebrates the murder of Israeli civilians as heroic. Likewise, Hamas presents high numbers of killed Palestinians in Gaza, which include terrorists, as civilian casualties.

The claim that all Palestinians are civilians, including the "Jihad fighters," was made by a Hamas TV host yesterday:

Hamas TV Host: "We know that the Palestinian public is a civilian public. Even the [PA] Security Forces - traffic police and the civil defense - are all civilian forces. Even the Jihad fighters on the battleground are actually Palestinian civilians fulfilling their religious and national duty. This is why [we cannot make] the distinction and say 'a civilian car,' 'a civilian target' and so on - since we have no regular army and no real military targets, as the occupation is trying to claim in its propaganda."
[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Aug. 10, 2014]

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The directive to massacre Israeli civilians was made during the fighting in Gaza when Hamas terrorists were tunneling into Israel near Israeli towns. Hamas TV interviewed Sheikh Bassam Kayed, the Head of Palestinian Islamic Scholars Association in Lebanon, who encouraged Hamas to attack Israeli civilians. He implored them to "ignore the whole world that says they are civilians" because "they are all soldiers":

"My wish for the Jihad fighters, if they hear these words, is that they enter the settlements (i.e., towns in southern Israel) - blood for blood, killing for killing, destruction for destruction and massacre for massacre. Defeat them! Although we massacred their soldiers, we say [about Israeli civilians]: Son of Al-Qassam [Hamas fighter], son of Islam, they are all soldiers; they are all invaders; they are all criminals; have no mercy on any of them. Son of Islam, ignore the whole world that says they are civilians."
[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), July 20, 2014]

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Sheikh Izz A-Din Al-Qassam - An influential Islamic preacher in British Mandate Palestine during the 1930s, who led a Muslim terror group. The Hamas terror wing is named after him - the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades.
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