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PA TV song calls for Israel to be replaced by a Palestinian state

Itamar Marcus  |
PA TV song calls for Israel to be replaced
by a Palestinian state

By Itamar Marcus 
PA TV is broadcasting a new song that calls on Gazans to sacrifice their lives by fighting Israel, in order to create a Palestinian country that will replace Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The visuals of the clip show continuous Palestinian violence, as well as scenes of funerals of many "Martyrs."

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that PA TV and PA TV Live, both official stations of the Palestinian Authority, broadcast many songs presenting a world without Israel and educate Palestinians to anticipate a future without Israel

This song was first broadcast on July 29 and has been rebroadcast many times since.

Following is the song on PA TV, sung by winner of the Arab Idol song contest, Muhammad Assaf:

"We possess the right [to Palestine], and we are her men
And when the right is realized, we will redeem her soil
Take my blood and give me freedom: my country from the [Jordan] water to the [Mediterranean] water
O Gaza, sacrifice your men liberally; each of them is worth two
Lift your head high; that is your weapon...
No matter how severe the oppression is, we will protect our land
It's either victory or Martyrdom, her men said
Soil of the forgotten land, watered with precious blood
My land, sing your song, gather your strength for freedom."

[Official PA TV, July 29 - Aug. 11, 2014, numerous times]