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Israeli soldiers “specialize in creating scenes of death”

“The details of the aggression are the same details and the means are the same means: vehicles and aircraft carrying soldiers who specialize in creating scenes of death, who reap all the souls they can - [souls] that ascend to heaven one after the other. These soldiers laid their siege only in order to murder, and moved their vehicles only in order to commit another crime and add new Martyrs (Shahids) to Palestine’s overflowing list…The village of Qabalan, south of Nablus, experienced long hours of terror yesterday [Aug. 11, 2014]. Vehicles entered quietly during the night and besieged the houses; then came the noisy occupation bulldozers, breaking the temporary silence…They left traces of [their] crime in the streets of the village that has grown accustomed to invasions, which they concluded with an [even] greater crime: another assassination, the victim being 24-year-old Martyr Zakariya Al-Aqra…It should be noted that Martyr Al-Aqra was a Fatah operative in the village of Qabalan. The occupation forces claim he fired at an occupation soldier in the village several weeks ago.”

Note: Zakariya Al-Aqra was killed on Aug. 11, 2014 when he opened fire on Israeli army forces who had come to apprehend him.

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