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PA commissioner: Israel is "a racist state that commits war crimes against humanity"

     ‎“The political commissioner of the [PA] ‎Security Forces, Adnan Al-Damiri, said ‎that the popular resistance is directed ‎against the Israeli occupation, and is not ‎meant for quarreling with the National ‎Security Forces.‎
In an interview with the Awdah ‎‎[independent Palestinian] satellite ‎channel on Thursday [August 14, 2014], ‎Al-Damiri demanded that [no one] attack ‎or pick a fight with the Security Forces, ‎saying: ‘In Cairo, the Palestinian factions ‎agreed to adopt the option of popular ‎resistance, and no one has the right to ‎cast doubt on or dispute the role of the ‎Security [Forces].’ In addition, he ‎questioned the objectives of those ‎convinced that no resistance is possible ‎without quarreling with the Security ‎Forces and harming them. ‎
He also said: ‘The success of the popular ‎resistance depends on the presence of a ‎leadership on the ground that organizes ‎things in a planned and calculated way, ‎according to the political leadership’s plan ‎of struggle.’ Al-Damiri emphasized that the ‎role and duty of the Security Forces was to ‎safeguard the citizens’ lives, and said: ‎‎‘We do not want to abandon our nation’s ‎children to become victims, while those ‎who send them enjoy privileges.’ He ‎added: ‘We cannot allow anyone to turn ‎our people into victims to achieve goals ‎‎[that will serve] their political party (i ‎.e., ‎Hamas),’ and emphasized that the ‎occupation is our enemy, and that we ‎have no other… In addition, Al-Damiri ‎said: ‘We must go back to defining Israel ‎as an occupying state, as a state that ‎violates international law and human ‎rights, and as a racist state that commits ‎war crimes against humanity, the likes of ‎which history has never witnessed ‎before.’”‎

Note: This article was published during the 2014 Gaza war as Hamas was firing thousands of rockets at Israel and as Israel was responding with Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel.