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Abbas: Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount is ‎"a red line" that "we cannot possibly ‎accept"‎

‎“President Mahmoud Abbas said Israeli ‎efforts were being made to implement a ‎division according to time [of prayer for ‎Jews and Muslims] in the Noble ‎Sanctuary (i.e., the Temple Mount) of ‎Jerusalem. He emphasized that this was ‎‎‘a red line’ that ‘we cannot possibly ‎accept’.’‎
The President said at the opening of the ‎leadership’s meeting last night [Aug. 16, ‎‎2014] at the Presidential residence in ‎Ramallah: ‘We are telling Israel and the ‎world that the Israeli efforts to implement a ‎division according to time in the Noble ‎Sanctuary of Jerusalem are a red line, and ‎we cannot possibly accept this in any way. ‎We will not accept that Jerusalem remain ‎occupied.’”‎

Note:‎ The “division according to time” refers to a ‎proposed law (May 2013) being reviewed ‎in Israeli Parliament that would allow for ‎both Jews and Muslims to pray on the ‎Temple Mount. The law seeks to ‎implement separate prayer times for ‎Muslims and Jews at the site.‎