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PA leadership “expresses pride” in riots in Jerusalem

“The Palestinian leadership emphasized that the just demands presented by our delegation - specifically, the lifting of the blockade [on the Gaza Strip], the opening of the [border] crossings and freedom of movement - are inseparable from the larger national goal: Ending the occupation in all the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza, and [allowing] the Palestinian state to assume full sovereignty over its land, water and air.
This [statement was made] in an announcement published by the leadership after a meeting held last night [Aug. 16, 2014], [and] presided over by President Mahmoud Abbas in the presidential residence in Ramallah, to discuss the results of the negotiations for establishing quiet, which are taking place in Cairo…
It [the leadership] called for the continuation of the national campaign to boycott Israeli products and for its expansion on an international level, in order to settle the score with Israel for the war crimes committed by its racist government against the children, women and all members of our nation…
The leadership expressed pride ‘in the all-inclusive popular uprising of our great nation throughout the homeland and in its heart, Jerusalem… against the criminal aggression (i.e., Operation Protective Edge).’”

Note: This statement was made while Hamas was firing thousands of rockets at Israel and as Israel was responding with Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel.

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