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Abbas advisor calls on Palestinians to "perform Ribat" to "save the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the ‎schemes of Judaization"

‎     “The [PA’s] Supreme Shari’a Judge and ‎Advisor to President [Mahmoud Abbas] on ‎Religious and Islamic Affairs, Mahmoud ‎Al-Habbash, called on the Arab and ‎Islamic governments and nations to work ‎seriously to save the Al-Aqsa Mosque ‎from the schemes of Judaization and the ‎division being planned by the occupation ‎authorities, [which are] similar to what ‎happened at the Ibrahimi Mosque (i.e., ‎The Tomb of the patriarchs in Hebron). [Al-‎Habbash’s statement came] in view of the ‎rise in the number of cases of desecration ‎of Al-Aqsa by the settlers, and in light of ‎the fact that the occupation authorities ‎have closed its doors to Muslims, with the ‎aim of allowing the settlers to invade it. Al-‎Habbash emphasized that the actions of ‎extremist settlers, Israeli MPs and senior ‎Israeli officials, such as the terrorist [Israeli ‎MP] Moshe Feiglin are doing, will not give ‎any right whatsoever to the Al-Aqsa ‎Mosque to non-Muslims, and this could ‎trigger a religious war that would destroy ‎everything. He also emphasized that ‎those who are not Palestinian have no ‎sovereignty over Al-Aqsa, or over any of ‎the Islamic and Christian religious sites, ‎and the right to them belongs exclusively ‎to the Arabs and Muslims. He added that ‎we would be exempt from any agreement ‎with Israel, should it perform any kind of ‎division [in the Al-Aqsa Mosque]. Al-‎Habbash called on the residents of ‎Jerusalem, the Palestinian territories ‎occupied in 1948 (i.e., Israel) and on ‎anyone capable [of doing so] to go to the ‎Al-Aqsa Mosque to defend it, pray in it and ‎perform Ribat (i.e. religious conflict/war to ‎defend Islamic lands and property) in its ‎plazas, in order to thwart the Zionist plan ‎to divide it.”‎

Notes:‎ The PA considers any presence of Jews ‎on the Temple Mount an "invasion." ‎However, all visitors are subject to rigorous ‎checks by Israeli security personnel before ‎being granted access to the Temple ‎Mount.‎

The division according to time or place ‎refers to a proposed law (May 2013) being ‎reviewed in Israeli Parliament that would ‎allow for both Jews and Muslims to pray on ‎the Temple Mount. The law seeks to ‎implement separate prayer times for ‎Muslims and Jews at the site.‎