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PA accuses Hamas of stealing humanitarian aid

     ‎“Senior officials in the [PA] Ministry of ‎Social Affairs have disclosed that various ‎influential people have made several ‎attempts to take over the [humanitarian] ‎aid and distribute it in Gaza according to ‎‎[their] political and factional whims…‎
‎ [Ayman ‎] Sawalha [from the PA Ministry ‎of Social Affairs in Ramallah] disclosed: ‎‎‘We [sent] 6,000 mattresses to Gaza, and ‎people from Hamas appropriated them. ‎They distributed a third to shelters and a ‎third to acquaintances. The remaining ‎third was kept in a mosque that was later ‎bombed, and they were completely burned ‎as a result.’… ‎
District Governor of Rafah Ahmed Nasr ‎accused Hamas of taking over the ‎‎[distribution of the] aid. He said: ‘Hamas ‎does not recognize our role, and at ‎present we, the district governors, have ‎not distributed anything. We’ve had to ‎content ourselves with assessing the ‎damage in order to assist the displaced in ‎the future.’…‎
Deputy Minister of Social Affairs in ‎Ramallah Muhammad Abu Hmeid… noted: ‘Despite the extensive aid, ‎complaints have been reaching us that it ‎is not reaching those entitled to it.’ He ‎added: ‘Hamas wishes to distribute the aid ‎as it sees fit and without supervision.’”‎

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