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Abbas quotes Quranic verse encouraging ‎violent resistance in speech

‎“[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas has ‎addressed our people several times since ‎the start of the aggression against the ‎Gaza Strip (i.e., 2014 Gaza war). Each ‎time, he added something new to the ‎chain of events and their rapid ‎development in a way that served the ‎Palestinian cause – in particular, the Gaza ‎Strip, which sacrificed Martyrs (Shahids) ‎on a daily basis.‎ In his speech two days ago [Aug. 26, ‎‎2014], the President announced the end ‎of the aggression against the Gaza Strip ‎based on the Egyptian initiative, to which ‎he has supported all along. Last month, ‎he said other things suggesting that he ‎opposes the occupation and supports the ‎resistance of our people. Many ‎considered the fact that he concluded ‎his speech with the Quranic verse, ‎‎‘Permission [to fight] has been given to ‎those who are being fought, because ‎they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is ‎competent to give them victory.’ (Sura ‎‎22:39, trans. Sahih International) as a ‎clear and open [show of] support for the ‎resistance, and a call to [manifest] anger ‎against the occupation. This was ‎realized on the ground in the West ‎Bank, which answered the President’s ‎call and set out to confront the ‎occupation.”‎

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