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PA daily: Abbas' speech constituted "clear and visible support for resistance, and as a call for rage against the occupation"

Headline: “Two decisive backings of the president: Support for resistance and the declaration of victory”
“President Mahmoud Abbas has turned to our people a number of times since the beginning of the [Israeli] aggression against the Gaza Strip. Each time he added something new to the chain of events and their fast development in a way that serves the Palestinian cause, and particularly the Gaza Strip, which sacrificed Martyrs (Shahids) daily.
In the president’s speech two days ago [Aug. 26, 2014], he announced the end of the aggression against the Gaza Strip, on the basis of the Egyptian initiative, which he adhered to the whole time. Last month he said other things, from which it seemed that he is coming out against the occupation and supports our people’s resistance. Many considered the fact that he concluded his speech with the Quranic verse: “Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory,” [Quran, Surah 22:39, Sahih International] as clear and visible support for resistance, and as a call for [outbreaks of] rage against the occupation. This was realized in the field in the West Bank, which answered the president’s call and went out to confront the occupier.”