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Official PA daily criticizes Hamas for celebrating civilian deaths

Headline: “Gaza and the ‘pills to prevent thinking’”
Op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, Fatah Revolutionary Council member and regular columnist for the official PA daily
 “Indeed we won [the 2014 Gaza War], even if this victory came late and temporarily. Indeed we won, but according to our human criteria, and not according to the criteria of those who prefer to paint a picture of leadership with the blood of our children and women.
We won the moment we succeeded in stopping the spilling of Palestinian blood, which is seen by those who dance to the beat of ‘the meaningless victory’ only as stocks, that they earn by betting on them in the stock exchanges of the organization (i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood)! …
We have come to know the culture of the cries of joy of the mothers in the funeral processions of the Martyrs (Shahids). However, dancing in front of victims’ body parts, erecting stages for false and deceitful speeches from their bones, and lighting the lamp of the organization (i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood) with the warm blood and the strings wrapped around the tens of thousands of names of the Martyrs and wounded, rather than with oil and wicks… this is a stabbing of the hearts of the mothers and the pride and honor of the fathers.
We won because of the desire to love life, and despite those preaching death…
May Allah be with you, O Gaza, may Allah be with you, those who were unjustly massacred in his name so they could celebrate and give baseless names to their celebrations. They think that by using the phrase ‘divine victory’ they can convince any reasonable person among the land’s residents.”

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