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Gaza resident tells PA TV: More Palestinians were killed by Israel than Jews killed by Nazis

Official PA Program Among the Ruins ‎interviewed survivor from the Gaza Strip ‎Ahmad Tannira ‎ ‎
Ahmad Tannira: “What happened at the ‎Al-Zafer 4 tower was [the same as] what ‎happened in New York at the World Trade ‎Center. Terrorism has a single face. The ‎Jews are terrorists. They created terrorism ‎in the world. For years, they have been ‎complaining about the Holocaust, but they ‎‎[themselves] are perpetrating a Holocaust, ‎and even worse. How many Jews were ‎killed in the Holocaust? And how many ‎Palestinians, how many Palestinian ‎children did the Jews kill? Many times ‎more.”‎

Note: The Al-Zafer tower was a 12-story building in Gaza that housed an operations room of Hamas terrorists and was therefore a military target. Israel warned all the civilians in the building to evacuate before it targeted the building in its 2014 Gaza operation, and as a result, nobody was killed in the attack. The World Trade Center housed no terrorists, and 9/11 was a deliberate attack on civilians that resulted in close to 3,000 deaths.