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Official PA TV reporter: “Medicines ‎become poison when they are Israeli”‎

PA TV reporter: “The boycott of Israeli ‎goods is another aspect of resistance ‎which has caused economic damage to ‎the occupation. It started at the beginning ‎of the war on Gaza, and continues today ‎after it has ended, and its slogan is: ‘Don’t ‎pay for the [Israeli] bullet.’ The boycott ‎campaigns are continuing and have ‎extended to [include] medicines for which ‎a Palestinian alternative exists. And if ‎there is none, [an alternative must be ‎found] by importing an alternative Arab or ‎foreign product.”‎

Protesters are shown carrying signs with ‎the inscription, “I am a Palestinian doctor; I ‎do not prescribe Israeli medicines.”‎

Official PA TV newsreader: “Medicines ‎become poison when they are Israeli. The ‎boycott of everything Israeli – this is a new ‎style of resistance which began with the ‎war on Gaza, and will continue after it ‎ends.”‎