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Karake appointed head of Commission of Prisoners' Affairs, part of ploy to shield PA from donor pressure on prisoner issue

"Congratulations to the Head of the Commission of Prisoners' and Released Prisoners' Affairs, Minister Issa Karake
Journalist Hakam Jum'a Al-Kharraz and the Al-Kharraz family in Tubas and Nablus congratulate Minister Issa Karake on the great faith President Abbas, may Allah protect him, has placed in him by appointing him head of the Commission of Prisoners' and Released Prisoners' Affairs.
May Allah grant you success in serving the people of your homeland in supporting the prisoners' and released prisoners' issue. We wish our brave prisoners a swift release from the occupation prisons and [we wish] for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital."
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Note: In an interview on Ajyal radio (independent Palestinian radio station), Karake confirmed that the PA Ministry of Prisoners Affairs was transformed into the Supreme National Commission of Prisoners' Affairs, subordinate to the PLO, in an attempt to deflect international pressure on the PA on the issue of Palestinian terrorist prisoners who receive PA salaries. To view the interview, click here.

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