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Official PA daily criticizes Hamas for bringing "pointless death, destruction‎" on Gaza

Op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, regular ‎columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
‎“Were you pleased by the extermination of ‎‎[entire] families and the erasing of the ‎names of family members from the ‎records? Were you pleased by the houses ‎that were brought down on the heads of ‎their innocent inhabitants as they slept?! ‎
It seems your conscience is not bothering ‎you, since you haven’t seen the body ‎parts of children and women, or their ‎tender bodies charred [by fire]. How could ‎you have seen them, having fortified ‎yourselves in a tangled network of tunnels ‎and shelters, leaving two million ‎Palestinians in the Gaza Strip exposed, as ‎the eagles of [Israeli Prime Minister] ‎Netanyahu’s army devoured them?! If you ‎saw any value in the Palestinian people, ‎you would not have gone to the media ‎with your speeches, spreading illusions of ‎victory to thousands of wounded, injured ‎and bereaved, and hundreds of ‎thousands of displaced [people]! ... If ‎Palestinian people had any place in your ‎hearts, you would not be seeking to copy ‎this experience to the West Bank – for by ‎doing so, you, as an armed faction, are ‎reserving for yourselves the decision to go ‎to war, to minimize the [importance of the] ‎will of the people, and to recreate the ‎experience of pointless death, destruction, ‎uprooting and the selling of our blood to ‎the countries of the region!”‎

Note: This article was published shortly after a ceasefire was reached between Israel and Hamas, concluding the 2014 Gaza war.

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