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Hamas appropriated aid sent to Gaza, left Fatah members in jail without food or water

From an interview with Fatah ‎Revolutionary Council member Faisal ‎Abu Shahla ‎ ‎
‎“Q: ’Is it true that Hamas appropriated the ‎aid provided to Gaza by West Bank ‎residents?’‎
‎[Fatah Revolutionary Council member ‎Faisal Abu Shahla]: Frankly, a decision ‎had been made to set up a situation room ‎in Gaza… to attend to all the issues ‎relating to the receipt and distribution of ‎aid, but we were surprised by the refusal ‎of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad – which ‎conditioned its agreement on that of ‎Hamas. Hamas convened a forum of 27 ‎‎[of its members], which decided everything ‎based on the so-called ‘shadow ‎government,’ ignoring the role of the ‎relevant government ministries… In ‎addition, they appropriated the aid ‎collected in the West Bank which was to ‎be transferred to Gaza, as part of their ‎maintaining of the rift [between Fatah and ‎Hamas] – even in the shadow of the ‎‎[Israeli] aggression.’‎
Q: ‘Several Fatah military wings acted ‎against the [Israeli] aggression under ‎various names. What do you think was the ‎reason for this?’‎
‎[Faisal Abu Shahla]: “Fatah is in the Gaza ‎Strip… Since its establishment, it has ‎supported popular resistance, as well as ‎armed resistance to end the [Palestinian- ‎Israeli] conflict. Many members of the ‎movement [still] adhere to the armed ‎struggle, and participate [in the struggle] ‎everywhere…’‎
Q: ’Is it true that the Hamas [security] ‎forces withheld food from Fatah ‎prisoners?’‎
‎[Abu Shahla]: ’The Hamas forces left the ‎Fatah political prisoners, 16 at most, in jail. ‎They evacuated their security ‎headquarters, but left the Fatah members ‎in jail without food or water. Their relatives ‎risked their lives to transfer the things they ‎needed, under aerial attack and tank ‎bombardment. Therefore, during the ‎‎[Israeli] aggression, I personally asked the ‎Freedom Council of the National and ‎Islamic forces to release the Fatah ‎prisoners, but Hamas did not agree.’”‎

Note: This article was published shortly after a ceasefire was reached between Israel and Hamas, concluding the 2014 Gaza war.