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Official PA daily: Hamas should have accepted Egypt's ceasefire plan earlier

     ‎“We are happy about the victory of ‎Palestinian resolve and the end of the ‎Israeli military aggression – the ‎aggression that the leadership had ‎attempted, from the very beginning, and ‎especially through the efforts of President ‎Mahmoud Abbas, to stop before it ‎spread… [The leadership] succeeded in ‎doing so after six days of aggression, ‎when Egypt responded to President ‎Mahmoud Abbas’ efforts and calls for ‎intervention and mediation to stop the ‎aggression. On July 14, Egypt announced ‎its first initiative, which the Israeli ‎government accepted the next day, while ‎Hamas rejected it as [an act of] ‘surrender ‎and humiliation’ – [even though] this ‎initiative was identical to the ceasefire ‎agreement signed in 2012 under the ‎auspices of the Egyptian president at the ‎time, Mohammad Morsi! Following this ‎rejection, the Israeli aggression continued ‎violently, destroying thousands of ‎Palestinian homes and leaving their ‎inhabitants without a roof [over their ‎heads]. The number of Martyrs (Shahids) ‎exceeded 2,000 and the number of ‎wounded, 10,000. And then, after 51 ‎days… we were back at the first Egyptian ‎initiative, with a few minor changes in ‎wording, and achieved a ceasefire… ‎Without addressing the obscure intentions ‎of Hamas’ ‘victory’ discourse, which, ‎unfortunately, does not recognize the ‎extent of the humanitarian disaster in ‎Gaza on the one hand, and, on the other, ‎intentionally and shamefully ignores the ‎efforts of the Palestinian leadership, the ‎actions and instructions of President ‎Mahmoud Abbas and the efforts of the ‎Arab [countries], especially Egypt, to ‎achieve a ceasefire – without addressing ‎these intentions, [Hamas’] language [of ‎victory] does not mention that the Israeli ‎military aggression, even if it was against ‎Gaza, was a cruel war… against all of ‎Palestine and its liberation project.” ‎

Note: This article was published shortly after a ceasefire was reached between Israel and Hamas, concluding the 2014 Gaza war.