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Self-critical PA daily op-ed: Arab world ‎doesn’t care when Arab blood is shed ‎by other Arabs

‎“Against the backdrop of the blood ‎festivals [being held] around our Arab ‎world – from East to West, in the Libyan ‎Desert, in the mountains of Tunisia, in the ‎forests of Somalia; in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, ‎Lebanon, Palestine and the Sinai – where ‎Arabs drink the blood of Arabs, Muslims ‎drink the blood of Muslims and foreigners ‎pretending to be Muslims; [where] ‎Persians, Turks and Israeli occupiers drink ‎the blood of Arabs distilled by other Arabs ‎‎– an Arab company announced an ‎alcohol-drinking festival. The blood-‎drinking festivals did not infuriate anyone, ‎and no one was angered by or protested ‎against the massacre of Arabs in their ‎countries, from the [Atlantic] Ocean to the ‎‎[Persian] Gulf… But when this company ‎announced an alcohol-drinking festival, ‎some people were angry. I believe they ‎declared a general mobilization in order to ‎storm the festival and smash the glasses ‎and pitchers – since drinking forbidden ‎things leads to forbidden acts. Yet the ‎butchering of innocents, the widowing of ‎women, the raping of minors and the ‎pandering of the pure are permitted.”‎