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Human map at summer camp teaches kids that Israel is Palestine

Official PA TV program Your Well-being is Important to Us showed children in a summer camp forming a human map by standing in formation. The map presented all of Israel as Palestine. Children sitting inside the map represented different cities. PA TV host: “Now we see the children in the [summer] camp forming a map of Palestine with their bodies. This reflects their love of their country Palestine… They have created a map of Palestine from its North to its South and from its West to its East.” Girl representing Gaza: “I am Gaza. Gaza of honor. I have given Martyrs (Shahids) and have not deprived my family of the good in me.” Girl representing Jaffa: “I am Jaffa, bride of the sea…” Girl representing Acre: “I am Acre. Throughout history, my walls have battered the sea.” Girl representing Nazareth: “I am Nazareth, the heart of the Galilee.”