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Fatah condemns football match between Israeli and Palestinian kids as "an individual act, conceived by sick souls"

Headline: "Fatah in Yatta condemns normalization meetings with Israelis"

     "The [Fatah] branch leadership in Yatta held an urgent meeting to discuss the ramifications of the normalization matches held between Palestinian children from the city of Yatta villages and Israeli children, which were supervised by the Peres Center for Peace, and [held] in the presence of former President of the State of Israel Shimon Peres.

The meeting's participants strongly condemned this event, especially in light of the fact that our people are being subject to the most heinous racist attack, manifested in the murder of the children of Gaza and the West Bank by the most powerful war machine in the region.

[Fatah] branch secretary Dr. Kamal Makhamreh said: 'The occupation is attempting to improve its criminal image, which was revealed in the murder of our children in Gaza, by holding such normalization meetings, while using weak-minded people, who in turn have exploited the innocence of some children, deceived them and dragged them to this kind of normalization meetings. Therefore, we at Fatah's Yatta branch, emphasize that this was an individual act, conceived by sick souls that agreed to be humiliated for a handful of money. This act does not represent the nature and character of the residents of the village of Yatta, who are defending their land with resolve in face of the settlement monster, by standing against the herds of settlers who attack their lands on a daily basis.'

Makhamreh urged the residents to supervise their children and distance them from these kinds of activities, which damage our cause.

The Yatta branch spokesperson Muhammad Al-Birawi said the branch committee... will strike with a fist of iron any who allow themselves to tarnish the image of Yatta, the city of Martyrs (Shahids) and prisoners - especially as the [Fatah] movement] has launched a campaign for boycotting Israeli products and will not allow this kind of act, which is being condemned by the people and organizations, to repeat itself. Al-Birawi also said the movement has demanded that the [Palestinian] Security Forces settle the account with these reckless people (i.e., the Palestinian organizers of the event)."
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