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Chicago Sun-Times cites PMW material on PA incitement during Gaza operation to show Abbas not serious about peace

Steve Huntley  |

Decimated Hamas makes ludicrous claims

by Steve Huntley

Abbas has plenty of questions he should answer, for example, about the campaign of hate his government sanctions. PA TV likened Israeli bombing of a Hamas operations office to the 9/11 attack in New York, according to Palestinian Media Watch. Palestinian Authority media claimed that the recent kidnapping-murders of three Israeli youth, the work of Hamas, was an Israeli “plot” to start war, that Israelis are “adorers of Nazism,” and that “the Israeli propaganda machine” and Jewish funding “control the TV and media channels.”

Another question: In 2008 Israel offered a comprehensive settlement to the conflict to create a Palestinian state. Abbas never bothered to respond. Where is his commitment to a two-state solution?


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