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PA TV news: “Boycotting Israeli ‎products is a national and moral duty”‎

Official PA TV program The State of ‎Politics on a campaign to boycott Israeli ‎products in Qalqilya.‎
Official PA TV host: “As part of the ‎campaign to boycott Israeli products, the ‎campaign’s female [activists] in the ‎Qalqilya district organized a tour of the ‎commercial area to confirm that it had ‎been emptied of Israeli products.”‎
Official PA TV reporter: “Boycotting Israeli ‎products is a national and moral duty, ‎which requires self-regulation that will ‎lead to a Palestinian market free of ‎occupation products. The goal of the ‎women’s campaign in the Qalqilya district ‎is to get rid of the Israeli products.”
‎‎[Female activists are shown destroying ‎products, e.g. by pouring bottles of Israeli-‎produced orange drink onto the ground.]‎