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Editor of EU-funded Ma’an: “My ‎heart… practically soars with joy ‎whenever a Palestinian rocket falls on ‎Tel Aviv”‎

This article was published after the 2014 ‎Gaza war, in which Hamas fired thousands ‎of rockets at Israel and Israel responded ‎with Operation Protective Edge, which ‎aimed at destroying Hamas' terror ‎infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at ‎Israel.‎
Op-ed by Dr. Nasser Laham, Chief Editor of ‎the Ma'an News Agency:
‎“My heart, like that of all Palestinian ‎citizens, practically soars with joy ‎whenever a Palestinian rocket falls on Tel ‎Aviv. Not because I am fond of killing or ‎bombarding civilians, but because I feel ‎there is someone defending my dignity and ‎the dignity of my children from the ‎extremist and hostile Zionists, who call out ‎every day, ‘Death to Arabs.’‎
I love peace and strive for it, and hate ‎destruction, bombardment and explosions. ‎But I also hate injustice. And I will protect ‎myself from those who call, ‘Death to ‎Arabs’ and those who come to kill the ‎children of Gaza.”‎

Note: Ma’an currently lists as “partners and ‎funders”: The European Commission (the ‎EU), UNDP, UNESCO, the Government of ‎Denmark, the Government of the ‎Netherlands, and UKaid. ‎‎( In the past, PMW has ‎exposed articles published in Ma'an that ‎were antisemitic and denied the Holocaust.‎

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