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Israelis pay Palestinian businesses to damage Palestinian products so people buy Israeli products

 “Activists from the Popular Committee for Boycotting Israeli Products in the Nablus district revealed that several ‘spineless traders,’ as they called them, have been performing ‘dubious’ actions to sully the good name of Palestinian products, especially food products. They explained that the aim of these actions was to weaken the campaign to boycott Israel products.
Mahmoud Abu Shamat, coordinator of the ‘Support Your Occupation’ campaign, told the economics section of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that several owners of large businesses in Nablus are offering milk cartons from Palestinian companies [for sale] in their stores after puncturing them with a needle so that air would enter them and cause them to spoil faster. He noted: ‘Several of these storeowners have been deliberately placing their Palestinian products in the sun instead of refrigerating them, so they might spoil faster.’ He said: ‘Those doing this are people who receive benefits straight from Israeli companies, which tempt them with money and commercial privileges.’ He added: ‘The aim of sabotaging national products is to tell the Palestinian consumer: “These are the spoiled Palestinian products you want to bring into your home,” and to flood the Palestinian market once again with occupation products.’”

Note: In the image above, a Palestinian milk carton is being punctured by a needle.