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Ramallah governor speaking in Abbas’ name ‎calls the Israeli army “killing gangs”‎

‎“District Governor of Ramallah and El-‎Bireh Laila Ghannam paid a visit of ‎mourning, in the name of [PA] ‎President Mahmoud Abbas, to the ‎home of the Al-Qatari family, following ‎the Martyrdom (Shahada) of Issa Al-‎Qatari. Ghannam relayed a telegram of ‎condolence from President Mahmoud ‎Abbas to the Al-Qatari family, which ‎read: ‘It is with great sadness that we ‎received the news of the Martyrdom of ‎the dear deceased boy Issa Khaled Issa ‎Al-Qatari, who was murdered by the ‎killing gangs of the abominable Israeli ‎occupation army.’”‎

Note: Issa Al-Qatari was shot during a ‎riot where an explosive device was ‎thrown at Israeli army forces. ‎