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‎“Methodical nature of the murders by the Israeli and German Nazism is identical” – ‎op-ed in official PA daily

Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, columnist ‎for official PA daily and advisor to former ‎PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on ‎national affairs:
Headline: “Nazism in Poland and ‎Palestine”‎
     ‎“As part of the program of the visit ‎ to ‎Poland during the first week of September ‎‎[2014], a visit was made to the Museum of ‎the Polish National ‎ Uprising, [which ‎took place] in July 1944 in Warsaw ‎against Nazi Germany…‎ What caught [my] attention were the ‎scenes of the barbaric acts of destruction ‎of the ancient capital, Warsaw, which ‎were perpetrated by the Nazi German war ‎mechanism that left no stone standing. ‎This is the same scene left by the barbaric ‎Israeli war mechanism in the eastern ‎areas and neighborhoods of Gaza City, as ‎well as in all five of its southern districts, ‎after its recent insane barbaric war, which ‎lasted from July 7 until August 23, 2014. ‎The war[s] waged by the Israeli Nazis ‎and the German Nazis against the two ‎nations (i.e., the Polish and the ‎Palestinian) lasted about the same ‎amount of time – the Polish uprising ‎lasted 63 days, and Israel’s barbaric war ‎‎51 days. The results were very similar. ‎Anyone who has seen the short film ‎shown in the Museum of the National ‎Uprising and the extent of the destruction ‎‎[caused] by the unbridled Israeli war ‎against the Gaza Strip, will notice that ‎there is a great deal of similarity ‎between the barbaric acts of both Nazi ‎elements. In fact, one could almost ‎confuse them, as the scenes are ‎considerably and remarkably similar. ‎
In addition, despite the great difference ‎between the victims of the Polish uprising ‎against German Nazism and the victims of ‎the Israeli war, the methodical nature of ‎the murders [perpetrated] by the Israeli ‎and German Nazism is identical. ‎Therefore, when [a writer] emphasizes in ‎his column that for some time now, Israel ‎has barricaded itself in a position of ‎fascism and Nazism, he is not ‎exaggerating or attempting to amplify the ‎organized terrorism of the Israeli state of ‎occupation, aggressiveness and fascism. ‎On the contrary, he is scientifically and ‎methodically diagnosing the ascension ‎of Israeli Nazism to the throne of Israeli ‎political and military decision-making.”‎