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Israel is “the source of evil” and the reason why terror organizations like IS come ‎into being

Op-ed by Adli Sadeq, PLO Ambassador to ‎India and regular columnist for the official ‎PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
     ‎“Information regarding the IS threat ‎leaked from the latest session of the US-‎Israeli Strategic Dialogue Committee ‎indicates that Israel – which launched a ‎criminal war against Gaza and committed ‎war crimes – will take an active part, ‎without being explicitly mentioned, in the ‎coalition for an international war on the ‎terror organization [IS]. In this context, the ‎occupiers make no secret of their wish to ‎‎‘IS-icize’ Hamas… From the start, the war ‎against this group had lost the qualities ‎of balance and justice – so long as Israel ‎presents itself as having an interest in ‎fighting terrorism, while [at the same time] ‎engaging in even worse state terrorism ‎and intentionally prolonging the conflict ‎and tension in the region. Its crimes have ‎become one of the causes of the rage ‎exploited by ignorant extremists to create ‎terror organizations… [Israeli Prime ‎Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s attempt ‎to link the international war on IS ‎terrorism to what he calls Palestinian ‎terrorism, in addition to the unchanging ‎US position, which is biased in Israel’s ‎favor, and the [US] determination to ‎torpedo any international resolution in ‎the [UN] Security Council on ending the ‎occupation and punishing Israel for its ‎crimes, renders the American efforts ‎unreliable and immoral… Unless US ‎activity includes [taking] a position and ‎‎[taking] action against the Israeli ‎occupation, or if the Americans continue ‎to support Israel [even] at the height of ‎the aggression, the frustrated ‎environment that gave rise to IS will ‎continue to create similar things, since ‎Israel is the cause of trouble and the ‎source of evil!”‎