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PA daily op-ed: US not so different from IS

Op-ed by Hafez Al-Barghouti, regular ‎columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
‎“[US Secretary of State] John Kerry ‎informed us of the establishment of a ‎coalition of 40 countries to fight IS, and ‎before that, of a coalition to overthrow ‎Qaddafi, and before that, of a coalition to ‎conquer Iraq, and even before that, of a ‎coalition against the Taliban and Al-‎Qaeda in Afghanistan. We had nothing to ‎do with these coalitions, because, in the ‎end, they did not serve Arab interests…‎
These coalitions caused Iraq, as well as ‎Libya and Syria, to deteriorate into [a state ‎of] complete anarchy. It was also decided ‎to overthrow Egypt, [and this plan would ‎have succeeded] had it not been for the ‎decisiveness and unity of its army, which ‎is on constant guard against Egypt’s ‎enemies. ‎
I believe that the war of IS and the ‎American fool will only harm innocent ‎people, and pave the way for some kind of ‎foreign intervention in the Arab ‎countries… Those who created, financed ‎and armed IS, and made it possible for ‎anyone to join it, did so under the pretext ‎of overthrowing the Syrian regime, but all ‎they did was destroy the Syrian people, ‎the Syrian cities and Syrian history… ‎
IS’ actions in Iraq may not be so ‎different from those of the American ‎forces and the Shi’ite militias who are ‎their allies. Don’t believe they are ‎fighting IS. They are only fighting the ‎Arab nation.”‎