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Jews are not descendants of tribe of Israel, were never in Palestine and are not a real nation

Op-ed by Bakr Abu Bakr, member of Fatah Revolutionary Council and regular columnist for official PA daily:
     “Western colonialism managed to plant ‘Israel’ as a buffer state separating [states] and settling in the heart of the Arab and Islamic world, for three main reasons: [1.] To maintain the ongoing disintegration, tearing apart and fragmentation of the nation; [2.] to control its financial and intellectual resources; [3.] to guard against the danger of this nation, which was and remains the main reason Western civilization loses sleep. [This has been carried out] as part of the ‘settlement worldview’… and later, the ‘economic control’ worldview, which was consistent with the objectives of Zionism, which established in 1881 so as to completely remove the Jewish nuisance from Europe and realize the interests of both sides…
We can allude to five main [points] of dispute [between the Palestinians and Israelis:]
1. The Israelis say: ‘This is our land, not your land’ without specifying from when, what area is being discussed, or where. [So,] Mandatory Palestine deceptively becomes historic ‘Israel,’ a fact that has been disproved by many, most prominently by Shlomo Sand.
2. They say: ‘We are more ancient, because we had kingdoms (the fact is, if they did indeed exist then they were Arab and existed elsewhere… and the Israelis of today have nothing to do with them) [parenthesis in source] and we had prophets.’ [They say] this despite the fact that gaps have begun to appear in this story in recent years, with the appearance of intellectuals, historians and archaeologists who reject claims regarding the antiquity [of the Jewish people] and kingdoms, either in terms of size and territory or in terms of their very existence in Palestine…
3. In addition, the claim that the Israelis were and remain a single nation is highlighted, and that they belong to an ancient race (meaning that ethnically, genetically and nationally they are the successors of the People of Israel, who were in fact the tribe of Israel – Arab Yemenites who are no more) [parenthesis in source] – a point that has been completely disproved by experimental science and genetics…
4. They lie that they are a ‘nation,’ though they never were. A ‘nation’ as a concept is an 18th and 19th century invention (see Sholomo Sand’s book The Invention of the Jewish People) [parenthesis in source] by Western orientalists and Bible scholars. Books by people such as Arthur Koestler clearly attribute their origin to an area of Russia near the Caspian Sea.
5. Their story, according to which their existence requires the destruction of others (the Palestinians) [parenthesis in source] is nothing more than Biblical tales calling for the killing and destruction of others.”

Note: Shlomo Sand is an Israeli professor of history who has stated that he does not think Israelis or Jews have a “historical right” to the land.

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