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PA daily: Israel participated in the Sabra Shatila massacre

“Today was the 32nd anniversary of the massacre at Sabra and Shatila. The massacre lasted three days, from the 16th to the18th of September [1982], and during it many Martyrs (Shahids) – men, children, women, elderly, and defenseless citizens, most of them Palestinians, but also Lebanese – were killed. At the time, the number of Martyrs was estimated at between 3,500 and 5,000, out of the 20,000 souls living in Sabra and Shatila at the time of the massacre. The massacre began after the refugee camp was encircled by the Israeli army, under the command of then Defense Minister Ariel Sharon and Rafael Eitan. The massacre was carried out far from the television cameras, using both cold weapons and firearms… The role of the Israeli army was to encircle the refugee camp and light it up at night with flares… The massacre at Sabra and Shatila was not the first Zionist massacre to be perpetrated against our people, and certainly not the last.”
From WAFA, official PA news agency

Note: Sabra and Shatila are Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. In 1982, during the first Lebanon War, Muslim residents of the camps were massacred by Christian Phalangists. The PA has a longstanding policy of falsely accusing Israel of committing the massacre or actively helping to carry it out.