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Islam-based hate speech on PA TV: Jews are "most evil among creations," "barbaric apes, wretched pigs"

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
Islam-based hate speech on PA TV:
Jews are "most evil among creations,"
"barbaric apes, wretched pigs" 

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

In the poetry segment of its Friday morning talk show, Abbas’ Palestinian Authority TV last week hosted a poet reciting a poem cursing the Jews - “the Sons of Zion” - as “the most evil among creations,” “barbaric apes” and “wretched pigs”:
“Jerusalem is my land, Gaza is my honor
Jerusalem is my days and my wildest dreams
O, you who were brought up on spilling blood
O, you who murdered Allah’s pious prophets (i.e., Jews in Islamic tradition)
You have been condemned to humiliation and hardship
O Sons of Zion, O most evil among creations
O barbaric apes, O wretched pigs
As long as my heart is my Quran and my city
As long as I have my arm and my stones
As long as I am free and do not barter my cause
I will not fear your throngs
My belt is around my waist, and my rifle is on my shoulder.”
[Official PA TV, Sept. 12, 2014]
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 Last year, official PA TV invited two young girls to recite this poem, promoting Islam-based hate speech and Antisemitism, as shown by
Palestinian Media Watch.

The girls recited a longer version of the poem, which also taught that Jerusalem is not for Jews, because
Jerusalem "vomit's" out the Jewswho are said to be "filth" and "impure."

The reference to
Jews as "apes and pigs" is Islamic tradition based on the Quran, which in three different chapters  teaches that Allah turned the Jews into “apes” and/or “swine” for disobeying Him (Suras 2:65, 5:60 and 7:166.)

Palestinian children are being taught poems and songs that include hate speech using religious terminology, and official PA TV has hosted other young children reciting poems that refer to
Jews as "Allah's enemies, the sons of pigs," or state that "Zion is Satan with a tail."

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