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PA daily reports on street in France ‎named after terrorist Marwan Barghouti

‎“A street in the city of Valenton was ‎named after Marwan Barghouti yesterday ‎‎[Sept. 27, 2014] as part of the activities in ‎France of the International Campaign for ‎the Freedom of Marwan Barghouti and [all ‎Palestinian] Prisoners in the Occupation ‎Prisons. A center named after Nelson ‎Mandela was inaugurated on this street as ‎well. ‎‎[The event] was attended by attorney and ‎Chairman of the International Campaign ‎Fadwa Barghouti, Chairman of the ‎International Campaign in South Africa ‎and President of the Ahmad Kathrada ‎Foundation, African leader Nishan Bolton ‎and the mayor of the city. ‎In the past, this city granted the leader ‎Barghouti honorary citizenship, along with ‎nearly 50 other French cities that have ‎done so over the last few years.”‎

Note: Marwan Barghouti - serving five life ‎sentences for orchestrating terror attacks ‎against Israeli civilians. When arrested in 2002, ‎he headed the Tanzim (Fatah terror faction). ‎After he was convicted and imprisoned, he ‎was re-elected member of the Palestinian ‎Authority parliament.‎
Nelson Mandela - A South African ‎revolutionary against apartheid who spent ‎‎27 years in prison for organizing acts of ‎sabotage against the apartheid ‎government. After an international ‎campaign for his release, Mandela was ‎freed in 1990. He won the Nobel Peace ‎Prize in 1993 and became South Africa's ‎first black president a year later.‎