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JPost: Israeli-Arab MP compared Israel to ISIS, originally exposed by PMW

Lahav Harkov  |

MK Barakei: Israel has an interest
in Islamic State's success

by Lahav Harkov

Israel is similar to Islamic State and has an interest in its expansion, MK Muhammad Barakei (Hadash) posited in an interview with the Palestinian Authority’s television station.

“The Israeli organization closest to Islamic State is the government of Israel,” Barakei said, according to a translation Palestinian Media Watch released on Sunday.

Although associating with Islamic State is illegal in Israel, Barakei posited that “Israel has an interest in this phenomenon [of Islamic State].”

According to Barakei, Israel and Islamic State “make similar things happen, using different means, like pressing buttons from the air. The one who kills and slaughters innocents is Israel, and we can see what happened in Gaza.”

Barakei agreed with the Palestinian interviewer, who asserted that Israel openly provides aid to Islamic State, allowing its members to move freely along its borders and providing them medical aid, and called the supposed connection between Israel and Islamic State “suspicious and complex.”

The Hadash MK also said Israel is trying to connect Islamic State to Palestinians by comparing Hamas to Islamic State and al-Qaida.

Islamic State was officially outlawed in Israel earlier this month, when Defense Minister Ya’alon declared it an illegal organization. The government may take legal action against anyone associating with Islamic State and its members or raising funds for it.


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