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44% believe in armed confrontation, 29% believe in negotiations

“A majority of 53% supports the two-state solution and 46% oppose it. A month ago, 49% supported it and 50% opposed it. The public is divided over the most effective means of ending occupation and building a Palestinian state: 44% believe that armed confrontation is the most effective means; 29% believe negotiation is the best means, and 23% believe that popular non-violent resistance is the most effective route to statehood. A month ago, 53% said armed confrontations were the most effective means while 22% selected negotiations, and 20% selected popular non-violent resistance.
A majority of 59% support and 35% oppose committing the reconciliation government to accept ‎existing agreements with Israel. A month ago, 54% supported this position and 40% opposed it.‎
In the absence of viable negotiations, 83% support joining more international organizations; ‎‎79% support joining the International Criminal Court; and 63% favor resort to popular non-‎violent resistance. ‎
57% believe that massive popular demonstrations could contribute to ending the Israeli occupation but 42% disagree with that.”

Note: The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip conducted this poll Sept. 25-27, 2014, a month after the Gaza War ended.

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