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Abbas representative glorifies killers ‎of 3 Israeli teens as Martyrs and says ‎Israel assassinated them

Excerpt from the speech given by Fatah ‎Central Committee Member and ‎Commissioner of Arab Relations and ‎Relations with China Abbas Zaki, who ‎represented PA Chairman Mahmoud ‎Abbas at a ceremony marking the 65th ‎anniversary of the founding of the ‎People’s Republic of China:
‎     “I am happy and honored to participate ‎in this ceremony as the representative ‎of President Mahmoud Abbas, the ‎President of the State of Palestine, on ‎the occasion of the 65th anniversary of ‎the founding of the People’s Republic ‎of China. In the name of the President, ‎the members of the Executive Branch ‎of the PLO, the members of the Fatah ‎Central Committee and the members of ‎its Revolutionary Council and in my ‎name, personally, I convey our best ‎wishes to you… The presence of a ‎Chinese peace envoy in the Middle ‎East constitutes an active contribution ‎to and true guarantee for the ‎establishment of peace and stability in ‎the region. It indicates full support for ‎the Palestinian people’s cause and its ‎national and legitimate rights to its land ‎and homeland, and strong support for ‎the peace process in the Middle East – ‎support for a fair political settlement that ‎will lead to the establishment of a ‎Palestinian state along the 1967 ‎borders, with East Jerusalem as its ‎capital. In addition, it testifies to a ‎strong Chinese position against the ‎invading imperialism, which the US is ‎leading in the region."‎

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