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Boy at Fatah event: "Pick up your rifle…‎ Destroy, shock, burn, set fire"

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

Palestinian boy at Fatah event on PA TV:

"Pick up your rifle, resist and terrify...

Destroy, shock, burn, and set fire...

Your homeland is your honor;

protect it with your blood"


by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik


At a Fatah ceremony broadcast on PA TV last month, a Palestinian boy was asked to present a poem he had written. The poem called to attack Israel violently: "Destroy, shock, burn, and set fire." The poem also called to sacrifice oneself: "Your homeland is your honor; protect it with your blood." 


"Pick up your rifle, resist and terrify [them].

Break your silence, free your thoughts, 

Stand firm, strengthen your heart. 

Destroy, shock, burn, and set fire.  

Heal your wounds and forget your cares. 

Your homeland is your honor;  

protect it with your blood... 

Find your weapon next to my weapon.  

Al-Aqsa [Mosque] calls: 'Where are my men?'

Palestinian, answer its call;

Yasser [Arafat's] men will not kneel."

[Official PA TV Live, Sept. 16, 2014]

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Palestinian Media Watch has documented other broadcasts by official PA TV of children reciting poems idealizing dying for "Palestine" and "protecting it with your blood."


Young children sang at a Fatah event:  

"My pure land, I shall saturate you with my blood... 
 redeem you with my life."
[Official PA TV, Jan. 5, 2012]


A child sang on an official PA TV children's program: 

"By the blood of the youth
 Jerusalem will return to us."  

[Official PA TV, Sept. 8, 2012]


Arab children in Jerusalem school sing:

"How precious is the land of Al-Aqsa. 
I shall give up my life for its sake."
"In the way of Allah we proceed aspiring to raise the flag.  

May the glory of the religion (Islam) return, and may our blood be shed."

[Al-Aqsa (Hamas) TV, Dec. 10, 2010]


Young Palestinian school child recites in class:

"I have let the land drink my blood,  

I love the way of Martyrdom."

[Official PA TV Nov. 14, 2008]



The recent broadcast on official PA TV Live of the boy reciting his own poem was from a ceremony marking the anniversary of the massacre in the Palestinian refugee camps Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon. In 1982, during the first Lebanon War, Muslim residents of the camps were massacred by Christian Phalangists. The PA has a longstanding policy of falsely accusing Israel of committing the massacre or of actively helping to carry it out.