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Abbas: Israel’s claim to the Temple ‎Mount is “empty and false… a ‎falsification of the history we all know”‎

Official PA TV broadcast PA Chairman ‎Mahmoud Abbas’ speech on Israeli ‎aggression on the Temple Mount:‎
“Every ‎day, we find these [settlers and extremists] ‎trying to enter the [Al-Aqsa] Mosque by ‎any means, in order to establish facts on ‎the ground as they wish. The fact Israel is ‎trying to establish on the ground is the ‎division of the Al-Aqsa Mosque according ‎to time and place, with the empty excuse ‎that it [Israel] has a claim to it. These are ‎empty and false claims, and a falsification ‎of the history we all know.”‎

Note: The physical division and division ‎according to time refers to a proposed law ‎‎(May 2013) being reviewed in Israeli ‎Parliament that would allow for both Jews ‎and Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount. ‎The law seeks to implement separate ‎prayer times for Muslims and Jews at the ‎site.‎